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Raessler Law, P.A. is a small business firm designed to staff legal matters involving business formation and governance including regulatory compliance, contracts and financial matters; and guardianship/ elder law with a focus on seniors, adult children, and their relatives and advisors.

The small business expertise is based on more than 3 decades of listening, advising and helping clients in matters identified as important to the success of their vision and creating roadmaps helping ensure the business's sustainability.  Whether it is the new partnership and limited liability company requiring an Operating Agreement or a discussion re funding sources and how best to structure the deal, we can assist.  

A legal practice focused on guardianship and elder law is equally as "personal" as this practice area centers on individuals and families facing what can be a life changing transition. Often this change is occurring in what can be a confusing and stressful setting with the need to quickly make decisions.  Combining expertise in healthcare with a legal understanding of guardianships, fiduciary obligations and supported decision-making positions Raessler Law to be a trusted advisor for these matters.

 As the Firm grows, the addition of other members will focus on senior level attorneys who share a common philosophy as to value added services and how to partner with clients to achieve solution-oriented results. 

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