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  • Expertise

    “Raessler Law is a community focused legal practice equipped to address the needs of small businesses and elder law. In striving to be responsive and solution-oriented,

    Step 1 in our minds is “to listen.”

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  • The Competing Demands of Life

    Aware of the daily challenges faced by clients in the current environment,

    Step 2 – is the use of technology including a secure client portal, ensuring immediate access to information on your schedule."

    See the Firm’s upcoming FAQ page for more information.

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  • Speed Bumps along the Way

    Here to help in designing practical and cost effective solutions, It is understood your path and the legal advice required may change and evolve.

    Step 3 is targeting growth and expertise for all members of the Firm’s team .

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Raessler Law, P.A.

Raessler Law, P.A. is a small business and elder law firm. The type of client we can assist are those involved in business formation and governance, transactional matters such as contract drafting and review, and related financial concerns. Our second area of focus is on guardianship/ elder law scenarios involving seniors, adult children, and their relatives and advisors.

The small business expertise is based on more than 3 decades of listening, advising clients with a plan to pursue a vision and then creating roadmaps helping ensure a business's sustainability to reach the vision. At the same time we find building a legal practice focused on guardianship and elder law is equally as "personal" and a practice area centered on individuals and families facing what can be life changing transitions. These changes typically occur in what can be a confusing and stressful setting with the need to quickly make informed decisions. Combining expertise in business law, healthcare and an understanding of supported decision making makes Raessler Law a trusted advisor for these matters. To understand our process for delivery of client services and communication tools, watch for our FAQ page.

Our goal is to provide legal advice in the context of “a client's story”. Our best clients are those who will share their story where in turn we listen, design a plan – be it simple or complex – in resolving the questions asked, and as a “speed bump” is encountered, we will have the background and expertise to successfully pivot and assist in making helpful course corrections.

As the Firm grows, the addition of new members will be with a focus on senior level attorneys who share a common philosophy as to value added client services and how to partner in solution-oriented results designed to fit the client's needs, resources and expectations.

If you are interested in discussing our services, contact:
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Raessler Law, P. A.

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